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The Master Plot of the Bible & As you are Going... Make Disciples can be purchased for $8.00 a book with a minimum purchase of three books (to cover the cost of FREE SHIPPING), and one of each title in your first order. Future orders can be all one title or a mix. Texas is my only nexus and I will pay the sales tax for Texans.

Every church library should have both of these books. One will help believers understand the Bible and motivate further study. The other will help train believers and encourage them to be personal evangelists.

A good plan of action is to purchase them, read them, loan them, and give them to your church's library, or any other library. (I live in a senior citizen complex, and put them in its library). When you loan one, tell the borrower that it is also available as a $3.00 e-book from Amazon, because some readers will want a copy for future reference or review, and you shoud get it back and loan it again. Your purchase will also help support this ministry.

A box of 64 books, is $450 with free shipping in the USA. To order a box, send an e-mail to An invoice you can pay with a check or using a credit card will be sent.

Shipping International is subject to a possible extra charge to cover the shipping cost. Send the order in an e-mail to

The first Add to Cart button is for The Master Plot of the Bible the second is for As You are Going... Make Disciples. After you complete both, please pay using a credit or debit card on safe and secure PayPal.

After you read The Master Plot of the Bible, please encourage your church to give the $3 eBook edition as baptism and/or graduation presents with follow-up e-mails to help prevent church dropouts. Info at:

You do the sending when you give a paper book as a gift. The cover price will be $11.95 for The Master Plot of the Bible, and $10.95 for As You are Going... Make Disciples, but the recipient will not know how much you paid for the book. These prices were set 17 years ago, and would be higher now.

The first chapter of each book is in Amazon's free trial. When you purchase a $3.00 eBook as a gift, Amazon will include your personal note at no additional cost. Just click the following link, select a title, and click Look inside” to read the free trial. The trial does not require a purchase, so you can return to this page and get paper editions.

Audio mp3 Albums

Some of the content in these books (and more) is also in audio mp3 albums. The set of four albums is titled: How to Share Your Faith if you don't have the gift of evangelism. It includes albums titled, How to Share Your Faith, Understanding Bible Prophecy, The Resurrection – His and Yours, and Yes but FAQ's.

The first album teaches believers how to present and explain the Gospel. But it is not a "My way is the only way." Rather it encourages each believer to find and develop a way that will work for them, or to use the presentation favored by their local church. The second and third files present rock solid evidences that verify Christian faith.

When I ministered person to person to skeptical college students, I was asked the same questions over and over again. The last album, Yes but FAQ's, has my best answers for the questions and objections raised by skeptics. I encourage youth groups to kick off a weekly meeting by listening together to one question and answer a week.

Listening to these mp3 albums during drive-time, exercise time, or whenever, will help you be more effective when you minister person to person.

Every leader of a youth group,

should listen to these mp3 albums!

These audio albums are also good gifts for your young people and new adult believers. The complete four album set costs only $8.77 at:

Bob Prall, M.Div., Author & Evangelism Encourager

Post Office Box 73486, Houston, TX 77273-3486

bobprall36 (at) gmail dot com – (832) 928-3658

At my age, I can't promise a response.



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