America needs an Awakening-Again

God knows the power of the printed page.

That is why He gave us the Bible.

When I attended the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia, in 1957, an instructor told our class that research by the Army found only 15% of our soldiers in Korea, pulled their triggers in the heat of battle. That it was not unusual for all of the fire power from an eleven man squad to come from only one rifle. They told us, as officers we need to get our men to pull their triggers, even if they cannot spot a target.

When I compared our Christian Soldiers to our troops in Korea, a pastor responded, “If we had 15% of our believers witnessing for Jesus, we would have a big revival.” I agreed, and have some strategies to help us have an Awakening–Again.

As a staff member of Campus Crusade (now CRU), and as the pastor of Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas, I ministered before, during and after the Jesus People Movement -- America's last Awakening. If we get our Christian Soldiers to stop leaving their boots under their pews, and get them to pull evangelistic triggers on the streets, like young Americans did in that awakening, we will have an Awakening-Again.

To help make it happen, I have written some books, that are now eBooks on Amazon. I also have some unique outreach strategies that will help make it happen.

A few months ago, some missionaries read my book, The Master Plot of the Bible, and asked for permission to translate and print it in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and several other languages. I gave them royalty free permission, so they can use it to help train indigenous pastors so they can minister to their people. Your church can use it to help us have an Awakening-Again.

Many first time Bible readers give up after one or two books in the Old Testament, go to the New Testament, and never return. This book introduces the unity of both testaments to people who are biblically illiterate. Both George Gallup and Christian pollster George Barna have found that biblical illiteracy is a major problem in America. That is sad, because I have found the Old Testament, and its prophecies about Jesus, are a great faith builder for doubters, and provide compelling evidence for skeptics.

As a paper book, The Master Plot of the Bible has only 179 pages, and can be read in about four hours. Amazon Prime Members can borrow it as an eBook and read it at no cost, and anyone can purchase it as an eBook from Amazon for only $3.00. Its Kindle eBook reader is free, and almost everyone carries a smart phone or tablet they can use to read it. Info on paper books is at

The imperative in the Great Commission is to make disciples. The HOW is “TEACHING THEM.” Good teachers give homework reading assignments.

Getting all of your church's members and attendees to read The Master Plot of the Bible, as a supplemental homework reading assignment, is a good way to help deal with biblical illiteracy. It is also a good first step to have an Awakening – Again, and will help develop teachers and teachers in your church.

I condensed the first chapter in The Master Plot of the Bible, to assure you of its value to “make disciples” – the imperative in the Great Commission. The proof is in the pudding. Please take a few minutes and taste it:

A study by LifeWay research four that 70% of the young Americans who attended a protestant church for at least one year when in high school, dropped out for at least one year by age 24, and many never return. So your church should also consider giving the eBook version of The Master Plot of the Bible as baptism presents to help prevent church dropouts. It will only cost your church $3 for each new believer, and will be a good investment in their lives, and for the future of the church.

Having met personally with many college students, I am convinced that many drop out of church because they do no understand the Gospel, and have never considered the rock solid evidence that verifies Christian faith. That will not be true of those who read this book. .

My second book, As You are Going... Make Disciples tells entertaining stories to teach and motivate personal evangelism, and has some chapters that work like flash cards to help readers memorize 130 evangelism verses. This storybook was endorsed by Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. Earl Radmacher, Oregon's Senator Mark Hatfield, and John Wayland, a Young Life regional director who recommended it to Christian young people.

Taking from my first two books, I developed a shorter, three chapter eBook, You can Have a Great Date with God – He Has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty. For only $1.00, Amazon will send it as a gift, anyplace in the world, and include a personal note from the giver at no additional cost. I call it an Easter Present because it tells people they can be assured of their ultimate resurrection. But it can be sent as as a gift, any season, for any reason. Seniors who have loved ones who are church dropouts, and believers with skeptical friends or associates should give this eBook as a gift, Suggestions for notes are in

I do not have an organization anyone can join or support with donations. My ministry is supported by e-book royalties. (Amazon takes from Prime Member dues and pays a small royalty, per page read, to authors for borrowed books. So when you borrow it, please read it).

The Great Commission is not an invitation to come and listen

It is an imperative for believers to Go and Tell

It is better for your young people to reach their friends, than inviting them to hear a visiting speaker who will move on. The Jesus People movement did not happen because of visiting speakers. It happened because young people shared the Gospel with their friends, and others they met on the streets. Please consider two ways to make it happen in the smart phone and tablet culture that has captured our young people.

Evangelistic E-Mails & Great Commission Business Cards

These communication tools provide good ways to get believers to pull evangelistic triggers. I have developed some short lures for our “fishers of men” to send in emails. You can read the sample e-mails at:

or download it as a word file you can use to copy and paste:

Sending e-mails, or giving a card to a friend or associate can easily lead to an opportunity to share a personal testimony, or to present the Gospel. It only takes a few minutes to send an e-mail, and the cards can be given in just a few seconds to people believers meet. So they are both good evangelistic seeds that can be planted every day in the lives of strangers. Get your people to plant enough of these evangelistic seeds, and some will germinate.

You can find more information about the Great Commission Business Cards at You can start with 5,000 coated cards for about $90. Al of them present the Gospel and Christian evidences. The web pages cited in the cards are funded by eBook royalties, so there are no additional expenses for your church. The cards can have your church info on the back side. Test them, and I'm confident you will get more.

If you prefer listening to reading

I have also developed a set of audio mp3 files, that can be used as evangelism tools with skeptics. They are even better as training messages to develop effective personal witnesses for Jesus Christ. Plagiarism is permitted and encouraged, because there is “nothing new under the sun.“ So anyone can help us have an Awakening-Again by sharing what they learn, by listening, with skeptics.

Every young person in your church should listen – several times – to these messages, and you will have young people who are fired up about sharing their faith with friends. At minimum, the leaders of your youth groups should listen to them. They can be listened to on smart phones, so they are good drive-time trainers`. I am confident that this training will be effective, because the content has a track record from my mentoring college students. You can read about it in the mentor message at the end of this web page. The complete 5 hour set costs only $8.97 More info on the mp3 files is at:

A missionary needs help

Lu trusted in Jesus when he attended Grace Bible Church in College Station, shortly after enrolling in graduate school at Texas A&M. A few years later, he adopted me as one of his mentors, and now wants to return to the Orient as a missionary. Lu does not have contacts in his home town to help raise his support as a missionary, but his Chinese passport will give him ministry opportunities not possible for Americans. This is a unique opportunity to help fulfill the Great Commission by supporting a missionary who will help make it happen. A donation of any size now will enable Lu to send you updates to help you evaluate his ministry for consideration in the stewardship of your mission giving. More info is at:

I ministered before, during, and after the Jesus People awakening

I have a message that includes stories from that unique awakening that happened because millions of young people learned about Jesus from acquaintances on the streets. Some stories are in my book As You are Going... Make Disciples. Its first chapter is in my message, and has a dynamic lesson that has been missed by church historians, and I believe it is vital for today.

My message will encourage the young people in your church to witness to their friends, and for older believers to reach friends and associates who never visit a church. I don't want to travel, but will consider invitations to share it, any day of the week, in Houston and nearby churches. I might travel to share it with pastors and other leaders. Call me at (832) 928-3658 to discuss possibilities. Some of the stories in my message are also on the mp3 files, available from:

You can find my books as eBooks by going to and searching for Bob Prall. I did not supply the 53 year old pictures of me when I was a skinny golfer. Vintage Photos purchased them from a Portland newspaper that took them because I had played in the U.S. Open when I was a 21 year old student at the University of Oregon, and won the State Amateur Golf Championship in Oregon, both summers between my three years in Western Seminary. I didn't turn pro, because God did not call me to teach people how to play golf. He called me to teach people what is in the Bible.

Bob Prall, M.Div., Author & Evangelism Encourager –

About The Jesus People Movement

Late in life, my goal is to help launch a Second Jesus People Movement. The first one happened during an era of great turmoil, with political protest demonstrations. I believe that America is now being primed for a Second Jesus People Movement.

My boots were on the ground before, during, and after the Jesus People Movement. I now pass on what I learned in ministries that God has blessed.

I do not have an organization you can join or support with donations, and I do not have a program that will replace anything church members do when they are gathered. Rather, my goal is to encourage scattered believers from churches all over America to share their faith "as they are going, whenever they are going, and for what ever reason they are going."

It can happen again. It will be

different this time. But it must

involve young Americans.

Time, Look, and Newsweek magazines all had cover stories about The Jesus People Movement, that included pictures of young people pointing one finger up in the air to proclaim, "There is only One Way to get to heaven."

Some believers want to avoid that issue, because it offends many unbelievers. But I believe that scriptural truth was a vital message in the Jesus People Movement, and it must be proclaimed to have a Second Jesus People Movement. When "One Way" is removed from a witness for Jesus,Christian faith is an empty shell.

The Jesus People Movement did not have one primary leader. It was a movement, not an organization or a ministry. It was fueled by thousands of individuals sharing their faith, person to person, in many locations – often on the streets.

Most were young people, but others became part of the action. And it included believers from many diverse segments of our society. It was not organized or coordinated. It was a movement that was a dynamic happening.

I believe a significant part of “why it happened has been missed by church historians. When I explained it to a professor at a Christian college who wrote his doctoral thesis on The Jesus People, he was surprised and responded, Nobody ever told me about that.”

The first chapter, Lessons from the Sixties, in my book, As You Are Going... Make Disciples, explains what I believe is the vital why. It is a must read for everyone who has a burning heart for evangelism, because it has information that can help us have a Second Jesus People Movement. So please read that chapter.

The first chapter is complete in Amazon's free trial.

Click “Look inside” to read it at no cost.

The Jesus People Movement erupted fifty some years ago. The stories in this book will be nostalgic for seniors, and encourage younger believers that it can happen again, if they will help make it happen.


This book is from what was first a computer program I programmed for my son when he was in high school. All three chapters from You Can Have a Great Date with God – He has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty are included in WORD DYNAMICS. This eBook can help any student develop a stronger vocabulary, and that may also help them in qualification tests for college and future careers. At only $4.77, it's a good low cost gift that is an investment in a student's future. Most of its vocabulary drills end with a link to read one of the chapters.

The vocabulary development is a lure (but a valuable one), and the extra three chapters are bait to get students hooked up with Jesus.

More info is at

Digitally, these eBooks are small. So they can be kept in a student's iPhone, Tablet, or PC digital bookshelf for future reference when they are challenged by a skeptical friend or professor. I am confident that giving these eBooks will help prevent future church dropouts.

You Can Have a Great Date with God – He has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty. is in Spanish for only $1.00 at:

Get a mentor – then be a mentor

When I graduated from seminary, I committed myself to a Second Timothy 2:2 ministry. The Lord blessed that commitment in ways far beyond what I could have even imagined. My prayer is for this story to encourage others to also commit to a Second Timothy 2:2 mentoring ministry. I'm also trusting God to use my mp3 files to mentor more young believers. Please click and read about it:

You can help us have an Awakening-Again, by sending a link to this web page to pastors and church leaders.

Bob Prall, M.Div., Author & Evangelism Encourager

Post Office Box 73486, Houston, TX 77273-3486

bobprall36 (at) gmail dot com – (832) 928-3658

At my age, I can't promise a response.



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