My take on why many young

Americans drop out of church

#1. Many students who grew up attending church do not understand the Gospel. I have found that many have faith in their faith. I cannot count the number of times that I have explained that faith is a word that demands an object. I explain, “If I say, I throw,” you will ask, What do you throw?” If I answer, “I throw a throw,” you will respond, “That's dumb. You can't throw a throw.” I then explain that having faith in faith is like throwing a throw – it is absurd. The the only valid object for Christian faith is the person and work of Jesus on the cross. After sharing the Gospel. Many have then responded,This is the first time anyone has explained it to me.” You can find out how I explain the Gospel by reading it at,

#2. When the only alternative is ignorant blind faith versus science, faith loses. Those are the only alternatives offered in our public schools, and most universities. I don't argue with evolutionists. It is better to stay on the offense. But I often share My Oyster Theory by commenting;Introduce me to a thinking person who does not believe in God, who does not believe in evolution, and you will introduce me to a colossal fool. An atheist's only option is evolution. There is no other possibility for an atheist – not even one.” (Most agnostics think like atheists). ”But if someone believes in God, they have a moral responsibility to Him, and that creates an irritant. It's called guilt.” That's when my Oyster enters the conversation. When an Oyster gets a grain of sand under its shell, it coats it, and creates a smooth pearl to eliminate the irritant. I point out that many intellectual scientists act just like Oysters. To defend their world view, and appease their guilt, they censor anyone who suggests an Intelligent Designer -- in spite of the fact that they have no good answers for; “Which came first, the chicken or the egg, a heart or blood, or even a male or a female in each species.” Those are tough questions to answer for people who believe in evolution by natural selection. You can use My Oyster Theory without attribution.

#3. Many students who grew up attending church have never considered the rock solid prophetic evidence that verifies Christian faith in Jesus Christ. The evidence from prophecies in the Old Testament clearly establish that Jesus of Nazareth was and is the promised Messiah, our only Savior. When Jesus' personal claims are considered, the evidence is even stronger. I have told many students, the most important question they will ever answer is, “Who is Jesus Christ?” When the evidence is honestly considered, it clearly establishes that Jesus IS the Eternal Son of God. My presentation of the prophetic evidence is in both, The Master Plot of the Bible, and You can Have a Great Date with God – He has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty. Both are $3.00 Kindle eBooks and can be borrowed and read at no cost by Amazon Prime Members.

#4. Many students who grew up in Christian families have never considered the compelling historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I present some of it in the last chapter of the eBook, You can Have a Great Date with God – He has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty. I have tested and refined this presentation many times with skeptical college students. The evidence is rock solid. That eBook is is a good gift for Easter, but it can be given any season or any reason. When you have Amazon send an eBook as a gift, you can include a personal note at no additional cost. Suggestions for notes to loved ones and skeptic are at:

By Bob Prall, M.Div., Author & Evangelism Encourager